Providing quality industrial combustion products, services and systems. Partnering with our global brand partners we can offer innovative, fuel efficient and cost effective solutions for controlling, metering and modulating.

All of our equipment supplied to meet the latest safety and environmental standards.

Talec Combustion Company is well placed to supply the changing needs of the industry with committed customer service and comprehensive stockholding of combustion control equipment and burner equipment.

Our Brand Partners

Dungs Combustion

Gas Trains
Ball Valves
Pressure Switches
Pressure Regulators
Solenoid Valves
Gas Multiblocs
Double Solenoid Valves
Automatic Burner Controls
Burner Management Systems
Valve Providing Systems


Hotwork Combustion

High Velocity Burner (HV)
Minijet Burner (MJ)
Flat Flame Burner (FFB)
Hotwork Recuperative Burner (HRB)
Low NOx Regenerative Ceramic Burner (RCB)
Self-Recuperative Radiat Tube (RT)
The HV Burners are manufactured locally under license to Hotwork CT


Giuliani Anello

Regulators / Govenors
Slam shut-off valve
Pressure Relief Valve
Air-Gas Ratio Control Valve
Solenoid/on-off automatic valves
Manual Resetting Valve

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