Dungs Butterfly Valves:
The DUNGS DMK motorised butterfly valve is an actuator without zero shut-off as per DIN 3394, Sheet 2. Input-side male thread and output-side female thread enable a space-saving assembly directly on DUNGS multiple actuators, solenoid valves and other actuators:

  • Max. operating pressure: Butterfly Valves, Dungs Butterfly Valves500 mbar (50 kPa)
  • Max. differential pressure: 100 mbar (10 kPa)
  • Group R0 as per DIN 3394, Sheet 2.
  • Application-specific throat diameter selection of throttle valves
  • Standard actuator drives: DMA…P…, DMA…Q…, DMA…A… other drives supplied on request
  • Reduced installation length by combination of female and male threads
  • Functional , rugged and maintenance-free
  • Low weight